Friday, July 6, 2007

After graduating from Millville, I went to CCC for one year, then I moved to Ohio to live with my grandparents. I was a waitress for 4 years and then went away to God's Bible School for a year. I then came back to Ohio to get a job and start at Kent State University. I wanted to be a teacher, but decided that was not for me. I graduated May 12, 2006 from KSU( east Liverpool campus).I am now a Social Worker Assistant. I was working with teens who had drug problems. I worked there for almost a year. I left there in December. I am now working at a day care center. I LOVE IT. It is also considered a school. I work with infants 6 weeks and also work with children up to the age of 6. I work mostly in preschool right now and I LOVE what I do. The kids are great.
If you remember me please keep in touch! I will write more soon!